What do we do?

The Wellness Circle offers carefully curated Wellness Gift Boxes & Spa Consulting Services Globally. Yasmina also runs deeply bonding Baby Massage classes.

Founder Yasmina, manages ‘The Wellness Circle'. She has over 15 years experience working in the Wellness Industry with a background in Business, working in leading Universities here and abroad in Programme Management.



What our customers say

  • The LEO office in Dublin City Council is a very busy office and we noticed at the end of 2018 that a large number of staff were getting fatigued. We investigated with Yasmina some ways of assisting staff with their energy levels to help them manage their work more effectively and with more enthusiasm. A wellness plan was proposed with Chair massage, Onsite Yoga & Health Talks.

    We received excellent feedback from all the staff members who took part. I have no problem recommending this programme for Wellness development of staff to anyone who is considering embarking on it.

    Greg Swift
    Head of Enterprise & Economic Development - Dublin City Council
  • A big thank you to Yasmina for her support and involvement on ‘International Women’s day’ with Bank of Ireland. Yasmina did a super talk on self-care, imparting simple but effective tips that work for everyone. She also shared her own journey on how she got into Wellness and how it changed and enhanced her own life.

    Yasmina is a super positive, energetic lady with huge enthusiasm and is an absolute pleasure to work with - I highly recommend her!

    Jan Cooke
    Community & Events Manager - Bank of Ireland
  • Yasmina and her team designed and delivered a great program of yoga, chair massage and talks that they incorporated really well into our busy world of work. It was a great start to our year in 2019 and feedback from staff showed that each of us who took part benefited. I'm still applying some of the learning.

    Mary Mac Sweeney
    Deputy Head of Economic Development & Enterprise - Dublin City Council
  • The first yoga workshop I ever did was at The Novara Centre was organised by Yasmina. I was introduced during the wellness day to Yin yoga with Niamh which I found extremely relaxing. In a very comfortable setting I was able to totally focus on the moment and forget about everyday stresses.

    Yasmina had put together a gorgeous spread of a healthy brunch which we really enjoyed after the yoga. It was lovely not to have to rush away after the workshop but take that extra time to enjoy the benefits felt and meet other people. I really enjoyed my morning of Yin yoga would highly recommend a wellness event organized by Yasmina- you will thank yourself afterwards!

    Alison Stroh
    Business Manager - Dr. Coys Health Foods
  • Yasmina was the Executive Regional Officer for the Irish Massage Therapists Association whilst I was the president. She delivers on time and always does and excellent job. She is a great Massage Therapist with a kind and patient manner and is excellent with clients.

    Judith Ashton
    Former president of IMTA
  • Victoria Mary Clarke

    Oh my goodness, I totally melted at the hands of Yasmina. She is incredible! I totally recommend her massage!

    Victoria Mary Clarke
    Journalist/ Radio Prodcaster
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