Wellness for Luxury Hotels

Would you like your Hotels Wellness offering to stand-out from the crowd?

Would you like to create a Wellness offering that is increases Revenue?

Would you like to create a Wellness Programme that brings a sense of Community to your Hotel?


What do we do?

Wellness Consultation

2023 is going to see a huge increase globally in demand for Wellness Tourism and for those seeking it as part of an offering at Hotels (GWI report). Travellers are seeking deeper, more meaningful wellness experiences. Yasmina has an indept understanding of Wellness trends and fully integrates guests desires into Wellness experiences and Hotel operations. 

Forming Long- lasting relationships

We take your guest on a long lasting Wellness journey that is created seamlessly from pre-booking to create a deeply nourishing connection for the client and long lasting relationship with your Hotel and staff.

The Wellness Circle helps provides Wellness Consultant offering your guests as a bespoke, unique Wellness experience. With over 20 years Wellness industry experience we can help you with a Team of passionate Wellness practitioners create a memorable and long lasting impression.

Increased Room bookings

This not only increases the potential for increased bookings but it also creates a unique nourishing stay. With guests seeking deeper connection meaning and long lasting health benefits we help address their desires, helping to unwind and leave feeling more connected to the Hotel, culture and community. We have an integrated Health approach with an expert Team that is intentional and personalised and unique to your Hotel only. We want to help your guest leave feeling completely destressed and inspired on their Wellness journey.

The future of Wellness

Looking at Wellness Trends globally we help create a unique guest journey into Wellness at your Hotel. With a strong focus of linking guests to the landscape, to culture and community this is more than just a Hotel stay, it's a deep rooted connection.

Let us help you capture the attention and desires of your guests and help in forming long lasting relationships.


Corporate Wellness Onsite

More than ever Wellness at work is crucial to help with keeping staff feeling healthy, engaged, motivated and happy!

We offer a tailored made enagaging Onsite Corporate Wellness Programme that looks after staff Wellbeing needs. With a focus on giving tools to use and implement at home and adapting each offering to staff fitness levels and needs. Each Programme is reviewed with continous feedback and engagement delivered by a Team of experienced passionate Health professionals. Our approach is Integrated,long longlasting with services that looks after deeply nourishing the mind & body.

Sample of offering can include;

Yoga, Health Talks, Sound Baths, Techniques for Reducing Stress, Onsite Chair Massage


Would you like to?

  • Increase Hotel footfall

  • Increase revenue

  • Create a fully integrated Wellness experience

  • Create a seamless guest experience

  • Reach a new audience

  • Educate your Clients on local culture and products

  • Fresh professional photography to highlight your Hotels unique offering

  • Increase online presence

  • Review and enhance your existing Wellness journey for your guest

Wellness Services

Wellness Consultancy Hotels:
  • Conceptualization
  • Integrated Wellness Management approach
  • Programme/ Events/ Spa menu
  • Client Wellness Journey review & implemention
  • Implement Systems for seamless Wellness guest experience
  • Collaborations for Wellness/ Spa
  • Team training for seamless Wellness Delivery
  • Management & Review Wellness Programme

Integrated Wellness Programme Hotels add on services:
  • Photography with leading Photographer 
  • Yearly Management of Wellness Programme
  • Creating Wellness with Seasons and events
  • Onsite Review visits

Corporate Wellness:
  • Onsite Corporate Wellness Offering
  • Team of experienced fully Insured Health Practioners
  • Review of offering; Onsite Yoga, Onsite Chair Massage, Sound Baths &
    Meditation, Health Talks & more
  • Review & Management of Programme

  • Agreed time-frame
About Yasmina

The Wellness Circle offers bespoke Wellness consultation for Luxury Hotels Globally focusing strongly on guest needs and desires and create a Wellness concept that is on brand with Hotel. Delivered with sustainability and community in mind.

From her own experience of working in the Corporate world for over 15 years to delivering Wellness programmes to hardworking office teams,  CEO, managers etc Yasmina has an in dept understanding and experience of creating life balance through integrated health offerings. She experienced near burn-out which lead her to studying Integrated Health and therapies whilst in full-time work.

Founder Yasmina, manages ‘The Wellness Circle'. She has over 20 years experience working in the Wellness Industry with a background in Business, working in leading Universities here and abroad in Programme Management. She loves seeing clients and guests feeling empowered and nourished in self-care.