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Would you like your Spa to stand out and increase your footfall?

What do we do?

We offer professional researched articles & Photography & Training for Spa Therapists, through the lens of an experienced Therapist & ex Corporate employee with your business goals in mind. We help to increase Spa footfall and awareness of your Services.

No fluffy words, instead well documented researched pieces highlighting your Spa’s USP, capturing the Client journey experience leaving the reader with a clear understanding of your Spas service offering and how it’s of benefit to them to visit and enjoy a relaxing Treatment.

Marketing your offering to potential new clients and your ideal client in a curated, well researched manner leading to clients wanting to make that booking.

We offer Top Photography to help capture your Spa setting and what sets it apart. Leading experienced photographer Emily Quinn works along-side the ‘The Wellness Circle’. Her work is showcased in known publications ‘Image’, ‘The Irish Times’, ‘The Irish Independent’, ‘The Gloss’.

Let us help you visually capture the attention of your potential customers.

Would you like to?

  • Increase Spa footfall

  • Increase revenue

  • Look after your Therapist Wellbeing

  • Target your ideal client

  • Reach a new audience

  • Educate your Clients on Spa benefits for Wellbeing

  • Fresh new styled professional photography to highlight your Spa & Offering

  • Highlight a new Spa service, product, therapist

  • Increase online presence

  • Fresh marketing material


Content Writing to help your Spa:
  • Increase Footfall
  • Reposition a Spa
  • Announce a New service or Product
  • Share a Special Offer
  • As part of your Launch Campaign
  • Engage clients and followers
Spa Audit to help with:
  • Guest experience
Photography helping your Spa:
  • Take a potential client on the Spa journey
  • Sell Treatments & Products
  • Helping to launch a new service
  • Increase the potential of capturing customer
  • Launch a new service/ Spa
Training to help your Therapists:
  • Prevent Burn-out
  • Set up boundaries
  • Feel more motivated & empowered
  • Be 100% present for client
About Yasmina

The Wellness Circle offers carefully curated Wellness Gift Boxes & Spa Consulting Services Globally. Yasmina also runs deeply bonding Baby Massage classes.

Founder Yasmina, manages ‘The Wellness Circle'. She has over 15 years experience working in the Wellness Industry with a background in Business, working in leading Universities here and abroad in Programme Management.



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