Baby Massage

New course November 2022

( Dates- November 16th, 23rd & 30th Nov, 7th Dec.)

Would you like to be part of a supportive group, regain your sleep and help boost Baba’s health? You’re at the right place!

Yasmina has been teaching Baby Massage for over 10 years. Practising the beautiful art of baby massage with her own two children from birth, she found it soothing and it gave her huge Baby Massage confidence as a new mum.

In the early days, it helped relieve Colic for her Baby girl, a stressful time where it was difficult to get an expert answer on what the problem was after many Doctor’s visits. What did give huge relief was Baby Massage strokes on the tummy and chest, and following a simple ‘Colic Relief’ technique, they helped ease the pain, the crying.

Sleep was welcomed again! It was in these moments she found her deepest bonding memories that she treasures.

She wants Baby Massage to support you on this roller-coaster journey filled with highs and lows and to know you are not alone!

Course Information

    • It often comes up in my classes how mums are feeling sleep deprived! Baby massage is proven to help aid sleep by releasing calming hormones. Suitable from two weeks onwards

    • Monthly classes are held at the lovely, cosy venue at the Novara Centre, Bray. Each course is X4 classes. Numbers are kept small to enhance this nurturing experience

    • Baby-led setting in a supportive cosy, bright venue. All very welcome!

    • Time for deep-bonding, fun, chats nourishing massaging

    • Little surprises too... and cuppa at end of course

    • Baby can join from 3 weeks onwards. Pick a time to suit you. Contact/call me here to reserve your place today. Places do fill up quickly

    • Did you know you can claim back course fees on your health Insurance Policy depending on your cover. Aviva, LAYA and VHI cover up to €100

    Baby Massage Today

    How true Leboyer's message is and although we don't have this age old tradition in Ireland it's instinctual for a mother to hold, to touch, to caress her newborn and to soothe it with loving touch.

    Today research has proven just how touch is SO important in the early months for a baby's brain development. Through my baby massage classes we can deepen and help foster those loving bonds.

    Massage is like a form of communication for mother and baby, yes, baby may not be able to talk, but they can tell us so much from their body language whilst being massage! Smiles, laughter, intense eye contact, squirming, perhaps sensitive areas too.

    Join us for some deeply bonding baby massage.

    Benefits of baby massage

    Would you like to help your baba?

      • Sleep well

      • Relieve discomfort from gas, colic, reflux, teething

      • Relax

      • Strengthens immune system

      • Regulate breathing and relieve nasal congestion

      • Improve skin texture & your baby's body development

      • Deepen loving bonding

      • Aid coordination


      Benefits of baby massage

      Mamas, would you like to?

      • This is the 1st item

      • This is the 2nd item

      • Learn a skill for life that you can adapt as baby gets older

      • Learn about baby's body language & their cue's

      • Understand more what they like and don't like!

      • Feel more relaxed? Massage produces 'feel good' hormones in the body

      • Help your baba feel relaxed

      • Meet other mums

      • Find a supportive group of mums



      What our customers say

      • Debbie Mooney
        I would highly recommend baby massage with Yasmina! It was lovely bonding time with my baby and I loved learning a skill I can use with her now and as she grows. Thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks Yasmina!
        Debbie Mooney
      • Barbara MacNelis
        I brought my 2 month old baby boy to Yasmina's classes and we both really enjoyed them. Yasmina has a lovely way her about her, it's a very relaxing atmosphere. We've been doing a little massage since the classes finished and it's a lovely way to bond, he's very chilled after. Yasmina also gave me some helpful movements to ease his tummy pain and he's sleeping great now. I'd highly recommend the classes to anyone thinking of baby massage!
        Barbara MacNelis
      • Susan Nealon
        Excellent baby massage classes. Yasmina is so accommodating and my baby loved the class, highly recommend!
        Susan Nealon
      • Cathy Morgan
        I brought my 3 month old to the baby massage class. We loved going each week. Yasmina was so welcoming and it was a lovely way to meet other mums. The class itself was warm, calm and relaxing and my little boy still loves having a massage. Yasmina is a wonderful teacher and so warm and friendly. Beautiful class for both mum and babies.
        Cathy Morgan
      • Susan Nealon
        Excellent baby massage classes. Yasmina is so accommodating and my baby loved the class, highly recommend!
        Susan Nealon
      • Linda Holland
        I loved the baby massage course. Not only to learn the technique but it was a great way to meet other mothers. Yasmina is so friendly and makes a very warm and welcoming environment. My baby always came away happy and so did I. I would highly recommend this class.
        Linda Holland
      • Leanne Hughes
        Myself and my baby girl had a lovely time with Yasmina. She is so welcoming and full of information on how to settle your little darlings. Her baby massage classes created a lovely time out for my daughter and I to spend with each outer. Priceless and would highly recommend.
        Leanne Hughes
      • Kathy Godley
        I loved the baby massage course with Yasmina! She is warm, calm and welcoming and an excellent teacher. My baby really enjoys her regular massages and I love that I am able to connect with her in that way too. Highly recommended!
        Kathy Godley
      Did You Know?

      It’s very relaxing for your baby and offers relief from colic, reflux, teething, wind and unsettled babies.

      It can help improve sleep patterns and enhance development both physically and emotionally. Wonderful also for babies with special needs. Strokes combine Swedish, Indian & reflexology movements.

      Massage produces wonderful feel good hormones in your body, helping you to relax and also to bond more closely with your baby through touch. It’s a fun way to meet other parents and share your own experiences. For you as a parent it's a relaxing time-out from busy feeding and changing routine.

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